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M765 A Thing About You Roxette Rock 8.99  
L654 Almost Unreal Roxette Rock 8.99  
R370 Anyone Roxette Pop 8.99  
R460 Beautiful Things Roxette Alternative 8.99  
R526 Call of The Wild Roxette Alternative 8.99  
L536 Church Of Your Heart Roxette Pop 8.99  
L723 Crash Boom Bang Roxette Rock 8.99  
A910 Dangerous Roxette Alternative
5 Star Rating
L391 Dressed For Success Roxette Rock 8.99  
R795 Fading Like A Flower Roxette Rock 8.99  
R826 From One Heart To Another Roxette Pop 8.99  
R827 Goodbye To You Roxette Pop 8.99  
L537 How Do You Do Roxette Pop 8.99  
R846 I Call Your Name Roxette Rock 8.99  
M789 I Don't Want To Get Hurt Roxette Pop 8.99  
N196 It Must Have Been Love Roxette Rock
R917 Joy Of A Toy Roxette Rock 8.99  
N623 Joyride Roxette Alternative 8.99  
N195 Listen To Your Heart Roxette Rock
P480 Love Is All Roxette Alternative 8.99  
M575 Milk And Toast And Honey Roxette Pop 8.99  
L819 Physical Fascination Roxette Rock 8.99  
L826 Silver Blue Roxette Rock 8.99  
P491 Sleeping In My Car Roxette Alternative 8.99  
M311 The Centre Of The Heart Roxette Rock 8.99  
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A651 The Look Roxette Alternative