CD DUPLICATION - Need to put a CD together and distribute it?  Come here for your CD Duplication and packaging.
BMI - Don't even think about putting a copyrighted song on your web site without a license.  Find out the Real Truth about performance licensing.
ASCAP - American Society Of Composers, Authors And Publishers
National Music Publishers Association - Want to cover a song on a CD you are about to produce.  You'll need a mechanical license.  Find out all about it here.
GM Drum Map - Here you'll find a complete note assignment for General Midi Drums.
Currency Conversion - Here you'll be able to calculate the cost of your midi hits in other in other than US dollars.
Philly Horn Band
- Rock band based in the Philadelphia area.  Here you can hear many samples based with Midi Hits.
Booking  Agent
- Need one?  Glenn Norman will book your act anywhere in the U.S.
Midi Hits Facebook Page - where you can put your song requests in.

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